"One small STEP for Thai Space Maniacs, A giant leap for Thai Space Education and Technological Development"
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At a glance

Here is a short breif introduction to our SpaceBox Laboratory. A unique Thailand's space technology laboratory.

Short description

A unique space laboratory fills with Thailand's greatest mind in space technology who have passion in developing space technology.

Just building a satellite?

We are not building a satellite just for fun but we are doing something bigger which is to inspires future generation of Thai’s youth into space technology field.


What is SpaceBox STEP-1 Goal?

Thailand’s first cubesat and success in it missions in outer space and survived the orbits around the earth so that we can experiment and research from it.

Future of SpaceBox Laboratory

In the future will able to build our own satellites without buying foreigners satellites. This would be a great start for sustainable satellite and space industry.


Team Members

We are independent and diversity group people. Everyone came from different backgrounds for example military, engineer, student, researcher, professor. But we all have the same goal is to initiate Thailand's space program under SpaceBox Laboratory and to develop sustainable space technology. And our first goal is to create Thailand's first Thai's made Cubesat.

What to be a part of our team and write a new histroy?
Send us an email to support@spacebox.in.th

SpaceBox STEP-1

Cubesat, it is a miniaturized satellite for space research and development platform of 10x10x10 cm size - 1U. Its usually deployed in 330 km above the sea levels or as know as LEO (Low Earth Orbit). It will be Thailand’s first cubesat and entire of it will be made with a group of our Thai’s engineers using our knowledge.

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Updated: May 16, 2016

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Updated: May 16, 2016


Key to our success

“By being truly united, we could bit by bit help strengthen our nation’s intellectual capital and create a self-sustaining path to Thai future”

Space for Everyone

We believed that space technology is not for selected people but it is for everyone.

Sustainable Technology

By creating everything from zero we will able to developed the technology on our own.

Problem Solver

All of the technology will help solved social and human living problems that occur today.